suziewong asked:

Another one: Have you ever travelled to Germany? Do you plan to? What would you be most interested in?

Ah, zi Germans. I have not traveled that far yet but I do intend on it at some point. I’d love to get my fill of the touristy spots, of course. Munchen’s Hofbrauhaus for starters. I can easily get down on a boot and some brats with ‘kraut! After that.. I’d love to take a peek at the Nurburgring and the Autobahn. ‘Das Auto’ has played a large part in my life and I would absolutely love the opportunity to check it out.

Do you have any recommendations that you’d think I’d be interested in?

suziewong asked:

Do you do any charity/social work? What do you think about voluntary engagement?

I used to do a lot of volunteer work with my previous jobs. From the Human Rights Campaign to AFAN, as well as MS and Cancer research foundations. I’ve done my part. I hope to do more with whatever ‘riches’ I attain in my future. Giving back is something I’ve always tried to do and I feel that other like-minded individuals joining together for a common good can easily change the world for the better.

justlukejohnson asked:

I don't know what your degree was like, but I'm finishing mine in the next month, and have to have my 10500 word dissertation in on the 28th. I'm struggling with the motivation to finish it, I just want to get out of here and move on with life. How did you cope? Or did you not experience the mind numbing fatigue of seemingly pointless essays? Cheers.

Mate, that’s a negative. I barely handled the math prerequisites for my degree. Thankfully, I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Science for Graphic Design. It was tough and I commend you for being passionate about something long enough to attain your degree!

As for coping… that takes some adjusting. Life’s a constant learning experience so be ready to put in time and energy into your future career… But don’t forget about the present. Enjoy the meantime!